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Lamberhurst Parish Council

Lamberhurst Parish Council

The PARISH COUNCIL is a body of representatives elected by parishioners, to serve the parish community.
The Parish Council have direct responsibility for the Common Land and Village Green, some Public Lighting, the Shelter and Playground on Lamberhurst Playing Fields Associations' field and to submit comments on all Planning Applications to the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.
Other matters where problems may arise such as Public Footpaths, Roadside Footways and lighting, Highway and Housing matters which may require action, and are bought to the attention of the Parish Council, can be taken up with the appropriate authority/department on parishioners' behalf.
If any parishioner wishes for a matter to be investigated they should either discuss it with a member of the Parish Council, or make representation, preferably in writing, to the Clerk.


Adopted Privacy Policy
18.07.18 privacy policy - adopted.pdf (356KB, uploaded 4-Dec-18)


Auditors Report and Certificate 2018

Auditors Report and Certificate 2018
KE0154 S3.pdf (267KB, uploaded 6-Sep-18)

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018.pdf (253KB, uploaded 6-Sep-18)

Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018
annual_return_part3_final.pdf (426KB, uploaded 16-May-18)

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Public Rights
exercise_of_public_rights_2017-18.pdf (175KB, uploaded 16-May-18)

Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017

Annual Governance Statement 2016/17 and Accounting Statements 2016/17

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Annual Governance
AG13.pdf (3,036KB, uploaded 27-May-17)

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Summary of rights of public
AG45.pdf (2,180KB, uploaded 27-May-17)

Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016

Conclusion of audit
conclusion of audit.pdf (525KB, uploaded 20-Sep-16)

Annual Governance Statement

section 1 audit 2016
Section 1.pdf (1,147KB, uploaded 20-Sep-16)

Accounting Statements

Section 2 audit
Section 2.pdf (1,077KB, uploaded 20-Sep-16)

External Auditor Certificate and Report

Section 3 audit
Section 3.pdf (722KB, uploaded 20-Sep-16)

Freedom of Information Act

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Freedom of Information
lpc F O I.pdf (169KB, uploaded 19-Oct-16)

Lamberhurst Parish Council


These are held on the second Tuesday of every other month, in the War Memorial Hall, Lamberhurst, at 7.30pm to which members of the public are welcome. There is a fifteen minute Public Question time set aside at the beginning of each meeting. A copy of the Agenda is posted in advance on the Parish Council noticeboards located on the wall of the Village Stores and at Hook Green bus shelter.

The APM is not a council meeting. It is a meeting of parish electors to debate current issues concerning the parish, and must be held between 1st March and 1st June.
In Lamberhurst it is usually held on the second Tuesday of March, April or May in the Memorial Hall. Please look out for notices.

N.B. Tunbridge Wells Borough Council have a very useful section on their website see under "Report a Problem" where you can report on line such things as - abandoned vehicles, broken street furniture, faulty street lights, fly tipping, graffiti, potholes, damaged bus shelters etc etc.