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Parish Council Minutes

The minutes are provided in PDF format, which may be viewed using the freely available Adobe Acrobat software. A link is provided at the bottom of this page.Click here to go to the Adobe Acrobat download

Parish Council Minutes 2018

September 2018 Minutes
September Minutes (Website).pdf (177KB, uploaded 8-Nov-18)

LPC Minutes July 2018
July Minutes 2018.pdf (179KB, uploaded 3-Sep-18)

LPC Minutes May 2018
LPC Minutes May 2018.pdf (187KB, uploaded 30-Aug-18)
Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting April 2018
APM Minutes - Edited JM.pdf (84KB, uploaded 16-May-18)
Minutes of Meeting March 2018
LPC Minutes 180313 v3-2 (minus exempt).pdf (231KB, uploaded 16-May-18)
Minutes of Meeting January 2018
LPC Minutes January 2018.pdf (368KB, uploaded 16-Jan-18)

Parish Council Meetings 2017

LPC Minutes November 2017
LPCMinutesNovember 2017.pdf (295KB, uploaded 25-Nov-17)
LPCMinutes September 2017
LPCMinutes September2017.pdf (266KB, uploaded 19-Oct-17)

LPC Minutes July 2017
LPC Minutes July 2017.pdf (294KB, uploaded 19-Oct-17)

LPC Minutes May 2017
LPc Minutes May 2017.pdf (359KB, uploaded 26-Jun-17)

Annual Parish Meeting April 2017
Annual Parish Meeting April 2017 .pdf (211KB, uploaded 26-Jun-17)
LPC Minutes March 2017
LPC Minutes March 2017.pdf (544KB, uploaded 26-Jun-17)

LPC Minutes January 2017
Jan 17 mins - edited website copy.pdf (45KB, uploaded 2-Feb-17)

Parish Council Minutes 2016

LPC Minutes December 2016
Extraordinary meeting -neighbourhood Plan website.pdf (28KB, uploaded 2-Feb-17)

Neighbourhood Plans
Neighbourhood Plans - Jim Boot Dec 2016.pdf (939KB, uploaded 2-Feb-17)

LPC Minutes November 2016
Minutes Nov final website copy.pdf (51KB, uploaded 2-Feb-17)

LPC Minutes September 2016
LPC Minutes September 2016 draft.pdf (48KB, uploaded 17-Oct-16)

LPC Minutes May 2016
LPC Minutes May 2016.pdf (348KB, uploaded 1-Jun-16)

Annual Parish Meeting April 2016
APM 2016 edited.pdf (181KB, uploaded 1-Jun-16)

LPC Minutes March 2016
LPC Minutes March 2016.pdf (51KB, uploaded 15-Mar-16)

LPC Minutes January 2016
LPC Minutes January 2016.pdf (46KB, uploaded 15-Mar-16)