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How to find Lamberhurst

Or find us on Google Maps if you prefer.

Coming to Lamberhurst by train

The nearest stations are Frant or Wadhurst but unfortunately you will need to have a car or taxi waiting for you there for the final leg of your journey.

Here is a link to the current South Eastern Trains timetable for the London - Tunbridge Wells - Hastings line (approx 500Kb, valid from 18th May to 13th Dec 2008), which includes our two local stations Frant and Wadhurst

Coming to Lamberhurst by bus

Here is a link to bus services (and other public transport) in the south east which will enable you to plan your journey.

Coming to Lamberhurst by car

From London

Getting down to Kent from London isn't half as bad as you might think! From North London, get across onto the M25 as quickly as possible. From very central parts, head out East through Docklands until you join up with the M25 at the Thames crossing. From south central, take the M20 (Old kent Road) which you can pick up at Elephant and Castle, and which isn't a bad road at all. However, my favourite routes involve the A21 Biggin Hill-Bromley-Elmers End, A25 Westerham-Limspfield Road-Croydon. Get a bit creative!

From the North, East and West

Your first port of call is Junction 5 on the M25. If you're coming from the West (i.e. M23, M3, M40, M4, etc), you will need to keep your wits about you as you come to the junction, because the M25 divides into the M25 and M26 at this point, and the A21 turnoff can easily be missed. Concentrate hard, and keep following signs to A21, Sevenoaks (abbreviated S'Oaks) and Hastings. If you're coming from the East (M2, M20, Dartford crossing) you can't possibly miss it - just stick to the right hand side of the motorway as the well signposted fork comes up.

Once on the A21, it's a breeze. Look at your milometer - it's almost exactly 20 miles from the M25 to Lamberhurst, and the A21 will bring you pretty much to the doorstep. En route you will go past Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. There is petrol if you need it on the hill between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells (dilapidated Shell garage, but cheap fuel) or a little way past Tunbridge Wells (BP, modern, good M&S food, but expensive fuel).

Look out for the BP garage on your left just past Tunbridge Wells. After that there are 5 miles of pleasant single carriageway which brings you to an enormous roundabout. Take the 3rd exit (which is well signposted) into Lamberhurst. Take good notice of the traffic calming measures on your way down into the village - not everyone thinks they're terribly clever!

From the South

The route to Lamberhurst from the South is much less clear, and will likely involve some cross country exrecises. Take a good map.

If coming from the Brighton area, go via Lewes, then Ringmer, Halland, Black Boys onto the A267; turn off at Mark Cross to Wadhurst, and coast in from there.

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