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Hook Green in Old Photgraphs

Hook Green, Free Heath Road (1930s)

View across the heath to Fir tree Cottage, Poacher's Cottage, White Cottage (then Appletree Cottages) and Durrants Cottage.

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Hook Green 1.jpg (277KB, uploaded 24-Sep-09)

Hook Green Post Office and Stores (1940s)


Bull Lane Cottages
Seen from an upstairs window at Hook Green Stores

Bayham Abbey Ruins (1940s)

The Grave of the Marquis of Camden, Bayham Church, 1943
The photographs above are reproduced courtesy of Robert Dancy

Biography of an ex landlord at the Elephant's Head
Go to the link, choose "Biographies" and select George Gurr 1834-1894.

Elephant's Head

Hook Green School


Bayham Abbey School, Hook Green, was built in 1860 by Lord Camden for the children of the Bayham Estate designed by Architect David Brandon and built by Messrs Trollope. The School soon proved to be too small and a new classroom was added in 1885, taking the school roll up to 104. The School closed in 1947 and in 1954 was converted into two dwellings - School House and School Lodge.
The photograph below is reproduced courtesy of Mr Paul Marshall.

Hook Green school children

Park Cottage, Hook Green.

Park Cottage c1917

Park Cottage, 1917

The photographs below have been reproduced here with the kind permission of Andrew Randall, grandson of George Lancaster Randall who was Secretary to Lord Camden from 1904 to 1929.

Park Cottage 1907

The Randall Family at Park Cottage 1907

Park Cottage Randalls 1908

The Randall children outside Park Cottage 1908

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