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Lamberhurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Latest Information on Neighbourhood Development Plan
August 2018 Neighbourhood Develpment Plan Survey Summary Results
Survey Leaflet 03.08.18 FINALv2.pdf (464KB, uploaded 28-Aug-18)

How can you find out more?
Please join us at the War Memorial Hall on Thursday 27 September 2018 at 7.30pm for 8pm start.
We need your input into the Parish Vision and to set objectives for the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Refreshments will be available on arrival!

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
It is a document created by local people that sets out planning policy for where you live. It helps you protect the things you care about in your community, such as important local green spaces, as well as make improvements to the local area. For example, it can show where buildings can and can’t be built, what they should look like, and used for. It can also encourage the kind of development that you would like to see more of.

Why a neighbourhood plan might help?

A neighbourhood plan carries the same legal weight as plans drawn up by your borough council. This means it gives you and your community a powerful voice that must be listened to when decisions are made about development in your area. For example, your borough council must follow what’s in your neighbourhood plan when making decisions about planning applications and developers or landowners must follow it if they want to get planning permission.

To view the full results of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey
August 2018 Neighbourhood Develpment Plan Survey Results
Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey Results.pdf (230KB, uploaded 28-Aug-18)

Click here to download the communication plan for the Neighbourhood Planning process as a PDF (a good format for printing or reading offline)

Lamberhurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan Communication Strategy
LNP_websiteV2.pdf (259KB, uploaded 12-Mar-18)

26 March 2018 Minutes - Lamberhurst Parish Community Engagement Group
26 March 2018LPN_minutes.pdf (45KB, uploaded 8-Apr-18)

Communication is the heart to the Neighbourhood Planning process and we want all of your views to be considered so please ensure that you:
• Give us your views
• Get involved
Help us to make sure that Lamberhurst Parish will be the vision you want it to be for your family and friends in the future.