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Wildlife and the Environment

Wildlife records help to build a picture of an area. Over time they tell us the species that are growing in numbers and those that are declining, helping us to know if we have got our management of the countryside right, or if we need to change what we are doing. This helps the professionals monitor trends and changes in our environment, and is especially important in monitoring the health and distribution of our rarer species.

Lamberhurst residents can assist in this effort by recording observations of local wildlife. Your records will go to the Kent Wildlife Trust ( and the Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre (KMBRC) (

NB. If you have a little trouble deciding what you have found then you can get help in identifying your species here (

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Your Wildlife Observations

Here is a summary of the wildlife observations made by members over the last 12 months:

Date Member Location Species Notes
10-May-2013 11:00 katie The drive Buzzards
Buteo buteo
Sitting on a post on the drive.
29-Apr-2013 10:00 ajr Danegate Lane, Frant Buzzard
Buteo buteo
Flying low over woodland just south of Frant. A beautiful sight.
26-Apr-2013 14:00 Sarah KHWP Bedgebury Pinetum Kestrel
26-Apr-2013 08:00 Chris Hook Green Cuckoo
heard loud and clear
25-Apr-2013 12:00 ajr Back garden Grey squirrel
Sciurus carolinensis
Mum and 2 babies playing
24-Apr-2013 21:00 Vicki Gravel pit pond Common Newt
2 small brown newts, probably Common Newts while surveying the Gravel Pit pond
24-Apr-2013 21:00 Vicki Gravel pit pond Great Crested Newt
While surveying the gravel pit pond for KRAG (Kent Reptile and Amphibian group) I saw one male and one female GCN, together. Otherwise none seen, hopefully due to the amount of duckweed that covers the pond right to the edge.